2-Day Go San Francisco Card™ – Is Costco Cheaper?

We’ve not seen the 2-Day Go San Francisco Card available in the store but Costco is offering it online. The Go San Francisco Card includes admission to 29 of San Francisco’s best attractions and tours including the Aquarium of the Bay, Golden Gate Bay cruises, California Academy of Sciences, Six Flags and more.

2-Day Go San Francisco Card

The 2-day card costs quite a bit but Costco does offer it at a discount.

If you buy it from the official site, the 2-day card costs $79.99 for Adults and $64.99 for Kids.

If you buy it from Costco.com, it costs:

  • $63.99 for Adults 13 and up (Costco is 20% cheaper)
  • $51.99 for Kids 3 to 12 (Costco is 20% cheaper)

So, YES Costco is cheaper!

The Go San Francisco Card includes admission to 29 attractions but for the best value, you should use it for those costing $20 and up.

Here are some of the available attractions with their admission prices:

  • Wine Country Tour – Grayline SF $75.00
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom $59.99
  • Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise – Red & White Fleet $36.00
  • Escape from the Rock – Blue & Gold Fleet $36.00
  • California Academy of Sciences $34.95
  • Bay City Bike Rental and Tours $32.00
  • Golden Gate Bay Cruise – Red & White $28.00
  • GoCar Tours $27.00
  • AT&T Park $20.00
  • Skyview Tour Open Top Double Decker – Grayline SF $20.00

You could use the card to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom one day and then use it for California Academy of Sciences and one of the boat cruises the next day. This would normally costs ~$130 already and the card only costs $63.99 which means a savings of 50%.

Even just Six Flags Discovery Kingdom one day and California Academy of Sciences the next would already cost ~$95. Having the card saves~33%.

A card like this can be a great value but they do come with terms and conditions. You can read all the terms at either Costco’s site or at the official site.

Some of the more important terms are:

  • valid for 2 CONSECUTIVE days – so if you activate the card on a Thursday, then the card is valid Thursday and Friday. Even if you activate it at 5.30 pm on Thursday, it’s still valid only on Thursday and Friday. So start early!
  • You can enter attractions from 9 am until 5:30 pm with the card
  • A Go San Francisco Card is non-transferable
  • If it is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced
  • Attraction offerings subject to change.

The 2-Day Go San Francisco Card appears to be a good value and you get an even better deal if you buy it from Costco. If you’ve friends or family visiting and want to visit some of the listed attractions, then do let them know about this card.

But please read the fine print carefully and make sure you’re ok with all the terms before purchasing.