Annie’s Organic Variety Pack

UPDATE 09/14/14: Annie’s Variety Pack are now priced at $11.59. Unit price is 32.2 cents/oz. Item number 276550.

Annies Variety Pack Costco


PUBLISHED 08/13/13: There are several of Annie’s products at Costco. I think this one, Annie’s Organic Variety Pack, is new, and there’s an instant rebate for it in August’s coupon book.

Annie's Organic Variety Pack Costco 1

These are Whole Grain Graham and Baked Snack Crackers, all made with organic wheat.

There are 36 snack packs, 1 oz each, in the variety pack and in the following 4 flavors:

– 12 packs of Cheddar Bunnies

– 8 packs of Chocolate Bunny Grahams

– 8 packs of Honey Bunny Grahams

– 8 packs of Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams

As with most of Annie’s products, these are:

– Certified Organic

– No Artificial Flavors

– No Synthetic Colors

– No Synthetic Preservatives

Annie’s Organic Variety Pack is normally priced at $10.99.

There’s currently a $3 instant rebate which lowers the price to $7.99.

Unit price is 22 cents/snack pack.

The instant rebate is valid from 08/08/13 to 09/01/13.

Item number 276550

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

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