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Garden Planters

UPDATE 07/08/13: Please read our newer post regarding a Price Reduction for the Fortino Ceramic Planter. We’ve bought various garden planters from Costco over the years . The style

Seiko Solar Black Chronograph watch

This Seiko watch caught my eye this past weekend at Costco. Isn’t it a beauty? It is priced at $219.99. Costco has great deals on watches and the inventory

Organic Tomato Plant

Costco is currently carrying these organic tomato plants for $9.99. These are pretty well-grown plants compared to the tiny ones you get at Home Depot or Lowes. I think

SAF Instant yeast – Costco vs Amazon

If you bake a lot of bread, then you should know that 1 lb of SAF instant yeast costs only $2.59 at Costco!! On Amazon, the same 1lb (16oz)

Mild Italian Sausage

We love this New York Style Company Italian sausage but the spicy kind! Unfortunately, Costco only carries the Mild type. If you like those, it’s $13.99 for 6 lbs

Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food – Costco vs Home Depot

This is another seasonal item at Costco. During the spring time, you can purchase the Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food (12.5 lbs) for $21.99 at Costco.   You

Pruning Shears

More garden goodies….this time a pair of Kirkland pruning shears for $24.99. They even come with replacement blades.

Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix – Costco vs Home Depot

This is an annual seasonal item at Costco. The Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting mix show up at Costco generally in Jan/Feb here in Northern California. This is a

Lifetime Dual composter

Found a new item at Costco… Check out the $149.99┬áLifetime Dual composter. There’re 2 rotating bins so that once one is full, you can close it up and let

Solar Pathway Lights

Costco is carrying 2 types of solar pathway lights at our local store. Both come in a set of 8. One is by Paradise and priced at $29.99 while