Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355

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UPDATE 09/24/14: Spotted the Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 back in the store, still priced at $169.99. Item number 954242.

Brother XR1355 Computerized Sewing Machine Costco 2Brother XR1355 Computerized Sewing Machine Costco 1


PUBLISHED 09/01/13: The Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 is loaded with features…seriously.

Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 Costco 1

This is a computerized sewing and quilting machine with the following features:

  • 130 built-in sewing stitches
  • 55 Alphanumeric stitches
  • 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes
  • Easy bobbin winding system
  • Back-lit LED display for viewing in low light
  • LED-lit work area
  • Advanced easy needle threading system
  • Variable speed control
  • Start-stop button
  • Operation without foot control
  • Wide table for quilting included
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Operation manual included

The Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355  is priced at $169.99.

Item number 954242.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 Costco 2 Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 Costco 4  Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 Costco 3 Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR1355 Costco 6

  • MPB

    Just got this. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • Olli

      Congrats on your purchase! I wish i can sew. Please feel free to share pictures of what you can do with the sewing machine here!

  • Sassy

    Got it yesterday. Used it today. WOW. I have been sewing for more than 45 years. I really, really like this machine. Love is too strong a word, but I might just be falling… It weighs next to nothing, but does not jump all over. I tried several thicknesses and types of fabric (I do a little upholstery) and it handled all beautifully.

    • Olli

      Hi Sassy,
      Thanks for your review and comment. 45 years? You must be a pro! What’s the best way to start learning to sew? Is it possible to buy a sewing machine and learn to sew on my own? I’ve always wanted to but have never learned… It just seems quite daunting.

      • Sassy

        Actually, a little more than 45 years! I started in high school and I’m 65, so I guess it was a class that paid off for me. I would recommend that you take a beginner class. Do you have a local fabric store that teaches? Some high schools teach sewing to adults as well. I wanted to do some upholstery a few years ago and assumed that I could figure it out myself, but found a class and took it. I learned a lot of “tricks” to make it easier. For sewing, you basically just need the basics as far as know how, then it’s all experience from there. It would be quite easy to make a pillow as a beginner project because it would only take you about an hour. My 11 year old granddaughter made a really simple sundress this summer (with a little help…her first project). You can buy the fabric that is already gathered at the top and you simply stitch it up the back.
        One of the main reasons I sew is that I can’t find what I want already made. The daybed cover and pillows and covers over the coolers on our screened porch were really easy to make…I just couldn’t find them already done in a weather resistance outdoor fabric, so I made my own. With this Brother machine, it would have taken half the time! You could do this easily as a beginner.

        • Olli

          hi Sassy,
          Those are beautiful! Thanks for the photo. It must be great to be able to sew things like that for the house. Every time I pass by a ridiculously-priced cushion cover at Macy’s, etc., I tell myself I need to learn to sew! 😉 Yes, there are classes available here. I just need to sign up…soon!
          Best regards,

      • Ted Swadling

        I was trying to figure the difference from the 2 Brothers XR1355 has 130 auto stitch and the XRX 1355
        has 180 built in stitch ,but I can get it for less ,so was wondering what the difference is.?

        • Olli

          hi Ted,
          I’m afraid I don’t know what the differences are between the 2 models…Maybe you can call Brother and ask?

  • Theran

    My wife wants a sewing machine for Christmas and before we start having kids. I bought one online for 177. It is a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, CS-6000i but I dont know if I made a great buy and I went in to Costco and saw that one I almost bought it because everything that come with it and has more things for it. What should I do? Should I take back CS-6000i and go to Costco or should I keep it? I should be getting it in the mail on Thursday this week…

    • Olli

      hi Theran,
      I don’t know enough about sewing machines to tell you which is better but the XR1355 does have 130 stitches instead of 60. And if you read Sassy’s comments below, she has 45 years of sewing experience and she really likes this sewing machine. Is it easy to return that sewing machine you bought online? You may also want to know that there’s a $35 instant rebate in Costco’s October Coupon Book for the Brother XR1355, reducing the price to $134.99. The rebate is from 10/03/13 to 10/27/13. Hope this helps,

      • Theran

        Yes I know about the coupon for costco…. I bought it through so I am thinking it would be better to get the one from Costco….

        • Olli

          hi Theran,
          If it’s easy to return, I think it makes sense to get something with more features and cost less 🙂

  • RNLaz

    I’m looking to buy my first sewing machine. I just want to know what the life expectancy is for this particular machine. Will it break on me or will it last me more than 5 years? Does any one know? I’ve heard the electronic dials are the first to stop working.

    • Olli

      hi RNLaz,
      I don’t think anyone can tell you the life expectancy of a product. It depends on various factors. But this Brother sewing machine does include a 25-year Limited Parts Warranty. If you’re concerned about the electronic dials, you could call Brother and see if that’s included in the warranty. Costco has a great return policy as well. Hope this helps,

  • Rosemarie Ferguson

    Can you please advise about the monogramming? Is it just the one simple style and one size or can you make the letters as big as possible. Are they just thin, single stitch, or thick like a satin stitch. thank you very much

  • Dandoo78

    Hi I had a few questions of what y’all think this will sew through. I need a machine to sew through…
    1. Thinner leather (motorcycle club vest) sewing patches on.
    2. Through a thick elastic band in the top of polyester pants.
    3. Thick layers or jeans.

    Looking to buy a new machine before the end of October.
    If not this machine….any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Dandoo78

      Looking to get a new machine probably next week or by the end of October. I like the XR1355, but am also looking at:
      1. Singer Heavy duty model # 4423
      2. Brother 72 switch arm machine model # XL3750
      Out of these 3 machines….which one will sew what I’ve listed above?
      PLEASE, PLEASE I need an answer ASAP. If anyone can help!
      My husband has been waiting on his vest & new pockets in his uniform pants for 2 weeks now…lol.
      Thanks again everyone!

  • disqus_RhOg2YPr33

    hi, i just got this one from costco, still reading the manual, but i didnt see if i can monogramming bold letters or bigger or wider, can you help me please? thank you

    • Rosemarie Ferguson

      I am wondering the same thing……………..hope someone can please respond.