Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets

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The Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets allow you to control your devices or appliances within your home.

Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets Costco 4

This is a three-pack of outlets, with 2 included remotes.  Each remote can control each of the three outlets.

The red and green buttons are simple visual cues to turn each outlet on or off.  The remotes can also be programmed manually.

They might be especially useful during the holiday season, to turn holiday lights/decor on and off.

These outlets feature:

  • Out-of-box ready to use
  • Positionable to leave your top socket open
  • 60 feet wireless range
  • Functional through walls and doors
  • Easy install – just place in the socket, no tools or wiring required

The Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets are priced at $13.99.

Item number 879798.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets Costco 2Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets Costco 3Capstone Wireless Remote Control Outlets Costco 1

  • Scott

    If I buy a second set, will they interfere with the first? or do they have some form of channel separation?

    • michaeljc70

      Yes. You can keep the default settings where each of the 3 is set to 1 of 3 channels. Both remotes work then. You can also buy 2 sets and program them individually. Since that would be 6 outlets and there are 3 buttons per remote, obviously you would need 2 remotes to control them all separately.

  • John McClung

    Warning: don’t use these to control portable room heaters!!! Nearly burned my house down the other day, I have a receiver controlling a 6 outlet power strip, into which I plugged a small oscillating space heater. About 5 minutes later I smelled something electrical burning, then heard some pops and crackling, and went to the wall where the Capstone receiver was plugged in and MELTING before my eyes. Works fine with table lamps in the house, but fans draw so much current they kill this unit. +++ I also recommend testing the receiver and all 3 transmitters at the store, I took my set home, and one of the transmitters didn’t work at all, battery was fine, but no go. Bought a replacement at Costco, but at the returns desk they kindly let me test all 3 new transmitters with an extension cord and a small lamp I’d brought along.

    • Olli

      Thanks for the warning, John! I’m glad you caught the problem in time and no major damage. How scary…

    • Haywood Jablowmie

      And that’s why they tell you to read the instructions first.