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Citracal Maximum – Calcium Supplement with Vitamin D3

Citracal Maximum is a calcium supplement in the form of calcium citrate and can be taken with or without food. As you may already know, calcium is essential in

Cosamin DS

Costco has quite a number of coupons for supplements in June’s coupon book. If you’re taking supplements, it really helps to take advantage of these coupons and time your


There’s an instant savings of $3 for Band-Aids in Costco’s June 2013 coupon book. It’s normally priced at $11.99 but with the $3 discount (no coupon needed), the price

The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash

Jessica Alba’s company, The Honest Company, has made its way into Costco. Their shampoo and body wash is now being sold at the store. It comes in a box

Sonicare Healthy White HX6733/90 – Costco vs Amazon

Since we’re considering purchasing the Sonicare HX6733/90 currently on sale at Costco, I decided to see how much this model is selling for at Amazon. The answer is a

Sonicare Healthy White Platinum Edition

My dentist recently suggested switching from Oral-B to Sonicare due to sensitivity in my teeth. His reasoning was that the Oral-B is harsher due to the rotating heads. Sonicare

Pureguardian Humidifier H4500

We’ve suffered a few colds this winter season and the congestion was so bad that we’ve been considering getting a humidifier. Once again, we didn’t realize that Costco carries

Delon Cotton Rounds – cheaper at Costco?

UPDATE 08/06/13: There’s now a replacement for Delon Cotton Rounds. Please check our post on Swisspers Hypoallergenic Cotton Rounds. So I normally get cotton rounds at Target. I think they’re