Chobani Tubes – Is Costco Cheaper?

We recently saw Chobani Tubes at Costco and had written about it. We were wondering if Costco is cheaper for this item.

Target sells a 16 pack of 2.25 oz tubes regularly for $4.99 or 31 cents/tube. There’s a sale this week and the sale price is $4.50 or 28 cents/tube.

Chobani Tubes Target


At Costco, the regular price for a 36 pack of 2.25 oz tubes is $8.99 or 25 cents/tube.

Recently, there was an instant savings that lowered the price to $6.99 or 19 cents/tube.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Tubes Costco

Chobani Greek Yogurt Tubes Costco


Summarizing, the cost per tube:

Target regular price:  31 cents

Target sale price: 28 cents

Costco regular price: 25 cents

Costco sale price: 19 cents

Is Costco Cheaper? Yes!

At their regular prices, Costco is 19% cheaper than Target.

At their discounted prices, Costco is 32% cheaper than Target.

Even at its regular price, Costco is 11% cheaper than Target’s sale price.