Cinemark Theaters Discount Movie Tickets

Discounted movie tickets for Cinemark Theaters which include Century Theatres, CineArts and Tinseltown are available at Costco.

Gift Card Cinemark Costco 2

You can get 2 Cinemark movie tickets for $15.99 so about $8/ticket.

These are for movies only.

IMAX, 3D and special events will require additional fees that you’ll have to pay at the theater. You’ll have to call the theater to ask how much the extra fees are if this is important to you.

At the theater, you’ll have to line up as usual, give the Costco tickets to the cashier who’ll then give you the “actual” tickets.

It’s worth it if you’re going to the evening shows since they now cost about $11/ticket.

Gift Card Cinemark Costco 5

These are the tickets you’ll get from Costco. They have to be exchanged at the theater ticket booth for “real” tickets.

Gift Card Cinemark Costco 1