Costco Photo Center

One of the first things you see as you walk into most Costco stores is the Costco Photo Center.

Costco Photo Center 1

Besides printing photos for 13 cents for a 4″ x 6″ (you can also print other sizes like 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, etc. for additional cost), the Costco Photo Center also offer many other services.

They include:

  • Photo Cards
  • Photo repair
  • Canvas Prints
  • Video to DVD
  • Poster Prints
  • Ink Refills
  • Passport Photos

You can get 4 Passport Photos for $4.99!

If you want to enlarge a photo, we’ve gotten them to print out a 20″ x 30″ poster print for about $8.99.

The online Costco Photo Center lists the full product pricing.

The easiest way to take care of reprints, enlargements, etc. is to go to the online Costco Photo Center, upload your photos, select your Costco location, and place your order. You can generally choose to pick up your order at your Costco warehouse within an hour.

We’ve done this many times and it’s very easy and convenient. Do try it!

Costco Photo Center 2