Costco’s Samsung + Citi appliance offer

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If you’ve been thinking of replacing your TV, kitchen appliances or washer/dryer, do check out Costco’s Samsung + Citi appliance offer.

It’s a limited time offer from 08/27/17 to 09/09/17 only.

During that period, if you purchase a qualifying Samsung TV, kitchen package or laundry pair, AND you pay for the purchase with your Costco’s Citi Visa card, you will receive 15% cash back in the form of a Costco cash card.

In addition, if you’re a Costco Executive Member, I think you’ll earn the 2% reward (up to $750/yr).

Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty to 2 years and purchasing with Costco’s Citi Visa card extends the warranty another 2 years though I don’t know the terms and conditions of that extension.

You can find the qualifying items on Costco Samsung City Offer

Costco's Samsung + Citi appliance offer

  • Jared Ionin

    does anyone know how this works if you have a costco cash card already that you want to use on the purchase? what if i pay $150 costco cash card and then remaininder for the item? Will i only receive 15% back on the amount paid towards the device with the card? I am guessing that is the case.