Crayola Super Art Tub

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“Super” is the correct word to describe the Crayola Super Art Tub. It’s packed full of stuff and will keep any kid entertained for hours. It would also make a great holiday gift.

Crayola Super Art Tub Costco 1

The art tub comes with:

– 8 Extreme Colors Twistables Crayons

– 8 Bright Broad Line Markers

– 10 Washable Super Tips Markers

– 12 Short Colored Pencils

– 8 Metallic Colored Pencils

– 40-Page Sketchbook

– 5 Bold Glitter Glue Tubes

– 18 Paint Pots

– Brush

– 2 Stencil Sheets

And as a bonus, it is all neatly packed into a nice reusable Sterilite container with a handle.

The Crayola Super Art Tub is priced at $19.99.

Item number 999721.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

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