Delon Cotton Rounds – cheaper at Costco?

UPDATE 08/06/13: There’s now a replacement for Delon Cotton Rounds. Please check our post on Swisspers Hypoallergenic Cotton Rounds.

So I normally get cotton rounds at Target. I think they’re about $1.39 for 100 generic cotton rounds?

I wasn’t even aware that Costco carried cotton rounds until recently when I happened to see them near the Pharmacy area. Anyway, I made a mental note to myself that when my latest supply ran out, I would start purchasing them at Costco. Why make an extra trip to Target if I don’t have to?

Delon Cotton Rounds

I decided to check and see if they were cheaper at Costco vs elsewhere…

The brand that Costco carries are called Delon cotton rounds. They’re made in Canada… Montreal, Quebec actually, thus the French on the packaging.

Delon cotton rounds Made in Canada

Delon Cotton Rounds

The price for the 8 packs of 100 cotton rounds was $10.99 at Costco.

Item number 419753.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Delon Cotton Rounds Costco



Amazon is selling the same thing for $20.39! Almost double the price at Costco!

Amazon Delon Cotton Rounds



So YES! The Delon Cotton Rounds are definitely cheaper at Costco. They’re also slightly cheaper than the generic ones I get at Target.

Plus they’re thicker, softer and doesn’t fall apart easily. They’ve 2 different sides, one is smooth and the other is “mesh-like” for exfoliation. Check them out the next time you need cotton rounds…