Get into Sam’s Club with your Costco Membership Card

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For a limited time, from now till July 4th, 2016, you can get into Sam’s Club at all locations with your Costco Membership Card.

Sams Club

So, if you are a Costco member and are curious about Sam’s Club, now’s the time to go check it out for free.

The closest store to SF Bay Area is located in Concord. There’s another store in Vacaville as well.

We’ve never been to a Sam’s Club, have you? Will you use this opportunity to check out their stores? Let us know!

  • يمكنك تقبيل بلدي بعقب

    Have not been to a Sam’s, and online checking indicates the prices are not better (and just a hair worse) that Costco for most things. Have a friend who has both cards, and he prefers Costco by far to Sams. He says Sams has the feel of a big Walmart, along with the stereotype of the clientele. He only has Sams because it is closer to his home and his wife doesn’t like the drive. Also the Costco closest to his house is a bit of a zoo for parking.

    Still may float thru a Sams just to see for myself, but doubt there will be anything enticing.

    • Olli

      We’re loyal Costco members ourselves plus there aren’t many Sam’s Clubs in SF Bay Area. I guess we’re happy with Costco but do let us know if you find anything interesting at Sam’s this holiday weekend!

  • RCane

    I have had membership to both Costco and Sam’s Club for years. I appreciate the varieties both places carry. To me, it’s beneficial to upgrade to the executive/plus membership at both places because I spend enough to the point that those memberships pay for themselves. Not all prices at Sam’s are cheaper than Costco, and vice-versa. Sam’s Club does have early shopping hours for plus members which is nice. I can shop at 7am from Monday through Saturday and not have to deal with crowds. They also stay open until 8:30pm on Saturdays. They also have a Click ‘n’ Pull option where you order ahead and have your order ready when you get there. I prefer Costco for the greater variety of healthy/organic options, but Sam’s Club has more things to choose from.

    • Olli

      Thanks for the pointing out the extra features of Sam’s Club. I think if you live close to both stores then it may make sense to have membership to both. For us, there are many Costco stores in SF Bay Area so it’s way more convenient. The closest Sam’s Club is probably an hour’s drive away, depending on traffic, so it’s just not practical.

  • ltnstar

    In my opinion, Sam’s club doesn’t come close to Costco. Having heard about this me and my mom went into a Sam’s in long Beach,CA. It’s smaller then the costcos we have been too. But the atmosphere and quality is far better at Costco.
    Pallets where on the floor, employees walking around without any care, floors where dirty.
    Felt like a bulk Walmart.
    When we go to Costco where usally there an hour. Looking around. We have been members since price Costco and I would never consider Sam’s even if it where a block away.
    You get way more quality.
    After 30mins at Sam’s we just bought soap and left.