Great America 2014 Season Pass

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UPDATE 04/09/15: Please check our new post Great America 2015 Gold Season Pass for info on the 2015 tickets.

Great America 2015 Gold Season Pass Costco 3



UPDATE 09/27/14: Don’t forget to check out the Great America 2014 Halloween Haunt tickets as well!

Great America 2014 Halloween Haunt Costco

UPDATE 06/13/14: We’ve spotted a 2nd Great America gift card at Costco. This time it’s a General Admission deal for 2 people. Please check our post, Great America 2014 General Admission Tickets, for more info. Note that the season pass may be sold out at this point.

PUBLISHED 03/05/14: It’s here! The Great America 2014 Adult Gold Season Pass is now available.

Gift Card Great America 2014 Season Pass Costco 4

The Individual Pass includes:

– Unlimited admission to Great America, Boomerang Bay, and Gilroy Gardens for the 2014 season

– Parking at California’s Great America ($15 value per visit)

– Admission to Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America

– 20% off Food and Merchandise throughout the park (not applicable to Panda Express and Subway)

– Not valid for Gilroy Gardens Holiday Lights

Other terms and conditions apply. Please read and understand them prior to purchasing the season pass.

The Great America 2014 Season Pass Gift Card is priced at $71.99.

Item number 861632.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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  • awdas


  • Bryan Miner

    I’m new as to how this site/blog works :
    Do I buy the ticket from you guys? Because I can’t find it on the actual Costco site.
    Thanks in advanced!

    • Olli

      hi Bryan,
      No, we do not sell anything on this site. We post items that we currently see at the Costco warehouse. The Costco online site does not carry everything that’s available at the store and vice versa. And to add to the confusion, availability of products vary from store to store as well. For gift cards, you’ll generally find them at the Costco stores that are located close to the actual location. So, for Great America, it should be available at the Santa Clara store, Sunnyvale, San Jose, etc. No guarantees though! 😉 To possibly save yourself a trip, you can always call up the store and ask if they carry a certain item e.g. Item#861632 for this Great America 2014 Season Pass.
      Hope this helps,

      • Jessica Dacanay

        Does this come with 2 passes? Or just 1?

        • Olli

          hi Jessica,
          I believe this is an individual Adult GOLD pass so it’s just 1 pass.

  • amanda

    Does anyone knw where exactly these are available???

    • Olli

      hi Amanda,
      Have you tried the Costco store in Santa Clara?

  • Destiny Navejar

    is it only season? What about daily passes?

    • Olli

      hi Destiny,
      Yes, for Great America, Costco only has this Individual Adult Gold Season Pass for 2014 (that we’ve seen).