Growoya Small Oya

Growoya Small Oya is a low tech way to water your plants.

Growoya Small Oya Costco 2

You have to bury the Oya in the ground with the just the neck sticking above ground. You then fill up the Oya with water.

Since the Oya is made of terracotta, it’s porous and will water the surrounding plants naturally. It’s a pretty interesting concept.

There’s less water run off or evaporation so it saves water.

You have to fill up the Oya every 5 to 10 days and remove the Oya before the ground freezes.

The small Oya is 5″ in diameter and has a 1 L capacity.

The Growoya Small Oya  is priced at $17.99.

Item number 1001965.

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