Is cereal cheaper at Costco?

Specifically, was the Multi-grain Cherrios we just bought on Saturday really cheaper at Costco?

I must admit that I haven’t done the math before but today I happened to see the Safeway flyer and there was a sale for cereal…4 boxes for $10 or $2.50 a box.

Safeway ad for Cheerios

We had just purchased the Multi-grain Cheerios at Costco this past weekend. So I thought I’d calculate if it was really cheaper at Costco?

At Safeway, it’s $2.50 for a 9oz box of Multi-grain Cheerios.

At Costco it’s $7.99 for the 37.5oz box. With this month’s coupon, you need to buy two boxes to get $5 off, so it was $10.98 for 75oz.

Multi-grain Cherrios from Costco

Costo receipt


Here’s the math:

Safeway = $0.28/oz

Costco = $0.21/oz —> Savings over Safeway = 25%

Costco with coupon = $0.15/oz —> Savings over Safeway = 46% !

Answer to the title question = YES, Multi-grain Cheerios is cheaper at Costco!

With the coupon, we saved 46% at Costco over Safeway but even without the coupon, at the regular price, we would still have saved 25% over Safeway’s sale price. I had always assumed that it’s cheaper at Costco but now I know and you do too! 🙂

It’d be nice to compare Costco’s price to other groceries stores so if you know the price of Multi-grain Cheerios at your grocery store, please let me know so I that I can add it to the list.