Marks and Cohen Jacobsen 3-Piece Sectional

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UPDATE 12/19/13: The Jacobsen 3-Piece Sectional is available once again. It is now priced at $849.99. Item number 694486.

Marks and Cohen Jacobsen Fabric Sectional Costco

You can arrange the Jacobsen 3-Piece Sectional in various ways so it’ll work in any style and room. It’s upholstered in a brown polyester fabric and has tufted seats and backs.

Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco 2

Other features include:

– Wood frame with corner block construction

– Extra padding in seat and back cushions

– Heavily padded outside arms and backs

– 2 Accent pillows included

– Comes in 3 boxes

– Dimensions: 125.25″L x 86.5″ D x 37.75″ H

The Jacobsen 3-Piece Sectional is priced at $749.99.

Item# is 694486.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco 1Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco 3Jacobsen 3 Piece Sectional Costco

  • Desyree Yasmien

    Thank you for this review!!!!

  • Kevin Torres

    I was ready to pull the trigger as soon as they brought them back but was so disappointed that they marked up the price $100 in less than 5 months. You think the price will come back down to $749.99 like it was in September?

    • Olli

      Hi Kevin,
      I think it’s possible that you’ll see a price reduction for this item. But you’ll have to check your store regularly and catch it when it does. The other thing we’ve noticed is that price reductions do vary by store.
      Hope this helps,

  • MaggieMae

    I love the look of this sectional but didn’t like the fact that the cushions are sewn on and you can’t flip them over. I have 2 dogs and a granddaughter and know that at one time I will need to flip the cushions plus I like to move them around so they wear evenly. Do you know if the fabric has been treated with Scotchgard?

    • Veronica Hardy

      I just bought this set, and yes, that is my only real complaint about it. I don’t know if it has been treated with scotchguard, but I will say, hair picks up really easily with a vacuum attachment (I have a heavy shedding cat and an australian shepherd. Hair everywhere, I sweep every other day).
      The couch is really, really padded. I paid full price for it (no reductions) and I don’t regret this at all. This is the best price I have seen for a section of this quality. I have checked everywhere and none have such padding or such good fabric.

      • MaggieMae

        Thanks for the response. I have only ever owned leather couches which clean up easily. I just went back go Costco last night (again) to look at and sit on this couch, lol! I don’t think it will get marked down anytime soon cause it looked like they had a lot of them in boxes. I’m just on the fence about it being fabric and the cushions that are sewn on. Decisions decisions!

        • Veronica Hardy

          I totally understand. I wanted the leather power recliner… but we have a cat and they like to put holes in things. Which is why I am on the fence about the dining set there. I hope you find something wonderful!!!

          • MaggieMae

            We bought it 🙂

  • nogooddannyhood

    Me and my wife bought it. It’s really comfortable!

    Beware though – moving into a standard-sized door is near-impossible. We have a couple of corner mini-tears because of this. It’s heavy and doesn’t lend itself to curling through a standard door.

    • Olli

      Thanks for sharing your experience so hopefully others will remember to measure their doors prior to buying! Glad yours made it through after some effort.

    • Matthew J Hall

      What do you consider a standard door? I’d have to get this through a door, down some basement stairs and around the corner. Not so concerned about the latter as I am with the former!

      • nogooddannyhood

        Measure your door widths and narrowest pathways through the stairways. Our doors were probably 1/2 inch too narrow. My (incorrect) assumption that I could turn the corners of the couch didn’t work out. These couch pieces don’t lend themselves well to curving around door frames, especially since the cushions aren’t removable. So don’t plan to be able to curve them like a normal couch – you’ll have to mostly push them straight through.

        • Matthew J Hall

          @nogooddannyhood:disqus – thanks for the reply. My basement door is fairly tight at 29″ (and a 1/4). Maybe too small for this item?

          • nogooddannyhood

            I’m no moving expert but since the shortest side is Height at 37.75″ (minus a few for the legs) you’d need at least a ~33″ door. We put it through this way and I don’t think it’d get through the 29″ door unfortunately!

  • TJC

    Bought it today after mulling the last 2 weeks. Perfect fit in our family room. No dogs but 3 kids under 7 and I am sure they will make good use of it. Very easy to put together and luckily my father in law owns his own moving company so pick up and delivery were easy as 2 of the 3 boxes are massive. My only initial issue is that the metal cleats on the bottom that connect the ottoman to the chaise section are a bit exposed that younger kids could scrap against them. I will need to come up with some sort of protection method for this. Also, we got a 7×5 Thmasville shag rug in oatmeal to compliment it. Only bummed that this was $100 cheaper 6 months ago. Seems like a fantastic deal now for the money but I’ll check back in a few years to see how everyone elses is holding up.

    • Olli

      Hi TJC,
      Thanks for the photos. Great setup! Must be nice to have connections to a moving company 🙂

  • marievilla

    Do you happen to know if the configuration is reversible? Like can the chaise be on the left side instead of the right side or does it only come in one way?

    • marievilla

      Also, I am in Houston and this is selling for $599…a great deal!

  • Kim Johnson

    How can I purchase this set as Costco doesn’t have this item?

  • Al

    I have question? Is there any way to pull the padding in the cushions out to have them cleaned? My dog has gone to town on it and I feel the pee laughing at me every time I sit down. I know its there even though I cleaned the surface with carpet cleaning upholstery attachment. I just want to deep clean the padding.