Jayone Dried Anchovy

The Jayone Dried Anchovy set was a surprising find at Costco this week.

Jayone Dried Anchovy Costco

Anchovies are great for making dashi broth. Japanese and Koreans use it in a lot of dishes.

We didn’t realize its benefit till a few years ago. I followed a recipe to make a Japanese braised pork and it called for anchovies.

I didn’t have it so I omitted it. The dish was still good.

But the second time I made it, I added the anchovies per the recipe and they definitely add a layer of depth of flavor/umami to the dish. We were really surprised by it.

Since then, I add anchovies to a lot of soups and broths. They really do make a difference!

These Jayone premium anchovies are a Product of Korea.

The Jayone Dried Anchovy set is priced at $18.69 for the 2-lb box.

Unit price is $9.345/lb.

Item number 1274114.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Jayone Dried Anchovy Costco Jayone Dried Anchovy Costco Jayone Dried Anchovy Costco