Kam Wah Moon Cakes

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UPDATE 08/02/14: Kam Wah Moon Cakes were spotted in the store again. The Kam Wah Moon Cake 4-pack tin is priced at $16.99. Item number 29430.

The Kam Wah Panda or Golden Pigs Moon Cake is priced at $5.99. Item number 598675.

Kam Wah Moon Cakes Costco 2

PUBLISHED 08/18/13: The Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 19th this year. which is about a month away. That’s why you might see the Kam Wah Moon Cakes at your Costco.

Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 3

The SF Bay Area is home to many Asians who celebrate this popular festival, second largest after the Chinese New Year. For several years now, we’ve seen moon cakes at the San Jose Costco around this time.

The moon cakes are available in a 4-pack with assorted fillings e.g. lotus seed paste, red bean paste, mixed nut, all with 1 yolk or 2 yolks or a vegetarian option it seems.

I think in the weekend, there’s a lady who’s stationed there and you can tell her which types you want, mix and match for your 4-pack. If there’s no one working, then you’ll have to choose one of the prepackaged tins.

This year, there’s also a smaller option of 3 golden pigs or panda moon cakes. They have lotus seed paste or mung bean paste in them, at least that’s what the lady told us.

The Kam Wah Moon Cake 4-pack tin is priced at $15.99.

Item number 334432.

The Kam Wah Panda or Golden Pigs Moon Cake is priced at $4.99.

Item number 598675.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

We purchased the Panda Moon Cakes today. We didn’t have time to devour them today but will probably do so tomorrow. I will update with photos soon 🙂

UPDATE 08/19/13: Photos of the Panda Moon Cakes are now posted below.

Have you seen this item at your store? Have you tried moon cakes before?

Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 1 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 6 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 4 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 2 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 5


We finally opened our Panda Moon Cake!

There’re 3 of them in the box for $4.99. We only ate one tonight. It had a lotus seed paste filling and was delicious. The panda is almost too cute to cut into…

Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 10 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 11 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 12 Kam Wah Moon Cake Costco 13

  • Susan C

    Hi, can you tell me which Costco in San Jose? Do you know if they will be at the san leandro Costco this year? Thanks !

    • Olli

      hi Susan,
      This was at the Costco on Automation Parkway in San Jose. I don’t know if they’re at San Leandro but you can call and ask. The item number for the Kam Wah moon cakes is 334432. Please report back if you see them at San Leandro or other Costco location. It’ll help other Costco shoppers looking for moon cakes 🙂 Thanks!

      • Susan C

        Thank you for the product numbers. I ran over this morning at 11:30 am to the san leando costco and sure enough they have the mooncakes! There was only 1 box of piggies left. The sign said they had rabbits and piggies. No rabbits could be found. We were able to get a mixed box of red bean and lotus paste….great deal and we love getting mooncakes from Costco yearly. Thank you again for posting, Olli. I would not have known about it otherwise.


        • Olli

          hi Susan,
          Glad you found them! Yeah, the sign at San Jose also said rabbits and piggies but there were no rabbits there either. There were pandas though 🙂
          The moon cakes are a great deal at Costco. They are much more expensive elsewhere. Enjoy!