Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue

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The Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue is the #1 best selling product in Costco warehouses.

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Costco 1

We do see many Costco members with this item in their cart every weekend. But we’ve actually never bought one as we prefer Charmin bath tissues. I have used it though at doctor’s office, etc.

We’ve read that Costco does tons of research on their best selling item e.g. fiber blend, softness, thickness, strength, etc. It’s serious business!

There are 30 rolls in a pack and 425 sheets per roll. Each sheet is 4.5″ x 4.0″. Total paper is 1593.8 square feet.

The Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue is priced at $14.99.

Unit price is 0.9 cents/square foot.

Item number 585578.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Do you use Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue?

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Costco 2Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Costco 3

  • Alejandro

    I agree with both of you, the Costco brand of toilet paper is not as good a Charmin. I always purchase at Costco over their brand. However, I used to LOVE their paper towels. They were big and strong, then they changed them to select-a-size and they became so much thinner, so I no longer use them.

  • Laila Salem

    I actually just bought some of this a week ago. We used to always buy the Target Brand (up&up). Target’s is better, but the difference is not noticeable enough for me to pick it over Kirkland’s now. This is a great value, and It’ll be what we buy from now on.