Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food

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The Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food offers an all-natural food for your adult dog.

Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food Costco 2

It’s available in a 24-pack with 12 cans of Beef and Vegetables and 12 cans of Chicken and Vegetables. Each can is 13.2 oz.

Some of its features include:

– No meat by-products or wheat gluten

– No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

– With carrots and peas

– Contains Omega-6 and Omega 3-Fatty Acids

– Grain-Free

– Soy-Free

– 8% Crude Protein

– Formulated to meet nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth and maintenance

– Product of Canada

The 24-pack Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food is priced at $18.59.

Unit price is 5.9 cents/oz.

Item number 529919.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at
any time.

Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food Costco 3Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food Costco 4Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food Costco 5Kirkland Signature Cuts and Gravy Dog Food Costco 1

  • Tiffani Hallan

    I feed this along with dry food (PetGuard Lifespan or Fromm, generally) and the dogs do surprisingly well on it! My Chihuahua gets only this food and she is doing nicely. I like everything about this food and it smells like opening a can of stew. GREAT value for what you get!

    • Olli

      hi Tiffani,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with this item. Glad to hear your dogs are doing well with it ­čÖé

  • Brooke (and Posie)

    Agreed! Great stuff! Thanks for posting all the information in a concise format.

  • ChristySpeaks

    Just when in to my local Costco to get this dog food and found that all of the Costco stores in Texas no longer carry this. This is the ONLY food my diabetic hound dog can eat — unless I went the high priced vet only foods and I can’t afford them. This dog has to have four cans a day — and I have 9 dogs (all rescues). I don’t know what I’m going to do. The other Kirkland food has rice and he can’t have that as it spikes his blood sugar.

    Why does Costco do this? This dog food is the only reason I keep renewing my Costco membership. I need 5 cases a month. Any suggestions?

    • Olli

      hi Christy,
      Did you ask a Costco employee if this product has really been discontinued? Sometimes, a product disappears from Costco for a while only to to be restocked later. We’ve seen that happened with some of our favorite items too. A Costco manager/employee may know so it sometimes helps to ask them. Hopefully, the disappearance of this particular dog food is only temporary.

      • seawede

        I checked at my store and found it discontinued in all of California. Closest to me is Reno or Carson City, Nevada.

    • InnDeepInnDent

      This has also been discontinued in Idaho, they’re apparently replacing it with something called “Turkey Stew” or some such (according to customer service desk). Really disappointed, our needs aren’t as dire but it’s fantastic quality food for a reasonable price; sad to see it go. We’re feeding this week with the pate style Kirkland food but it’s not nearly as good. We’ll give the “Turkey Stew” a shot but I doubt it will live up to the legacy of “Cuts in Gravy”.

  • John Donhauser

    Just when I thought Costco did everything they could to take quality items off their shelves to make room for cheaper import junk (with a higher profit margin) they’ve outdone themselves again. I just learned today that Cuts in Gravy was discontinued. The Domain dry food is grain-free, so why discontinue the grain-free canned food? I saw in another post that it might be replaced with a Turkey-stew. Grain-free? More veggies and less protein? I’ll make a comment at and get my usual form letter stating that the buyers have been notified. The buyers will immediately bit-bucket my comment as I really do believe they’re rewarded by improving the Costco bottom line as opposed to improving the quality of the products on the shelves. I’m going to do some research. If I can find another value-priced high-quality grain-free canned food I’ll post it here.

  • SteveH

    not sure why they would remove such a great product. such a shame. tried the turkey replacement with my shepherd and the first piece inside was moldy so I tossed it all. what a waste. still looking for a new wet replacement and using taste of the wild for the time being. good luck to everyone else out there.

  • FootballGirl72

    I’m very upset that Costco has discontinued this canned food for a couple of reasons. 1) it was nice having the two different varieties packaged together, and 2) the price for the quality can not be beat. I have yet to locate any other canned food that contains such high quality ingredients at such an affordable price. Once again, Costco has disappointed me. We have been using the Nature’s Domain Turkey Stew, but there’s no other variety, it’s all just turkey. Dogs need variety in their diets just like humans do, so now I have to buy other canned foods and rotate them.