Kirkland Signature Organic Fruity Snacks

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Get 100% of the recommended Vitamin C daily allowance with the Kirkland Signature Organic Fruity Snacks.


There are 72 pouches in a box and each pouch contains 70 calories. It is fat free and low in sodium.

They come in 6 flavors – apple, orange, strawberry, raspberry, grape and cherry.

Certified Organic.

Made in USA with imported ingredients.

The Kirkland Signature Organic Fruity Snacks is priced at $14.59.

Unit price is 20.3 cents/pouch.

Item number 1034255.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.


  • Matt

    We purchased the new organic fruit snacks and I don’t think the flavor is as good as the non-organic (Item Number 861652) ones… The new ones have a mild fruit flavor, the old ones had a very strong fruit flavor, you would instantly know the fruit it was supposed to be if you were blindfolded… With the new ones, you would eventually know, but would have to think about it. The old ones were much more firm, the new are softer and more rubbery. Still a good buy though. I am extremely limited for variety due to the fact I am allergic to corn.

  • -Todd

    are these gluten free? the last ones were, why don’t these have that on the label?