Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue

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Costco’s best selling item is their Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue but we’ve actually never purchased it because we prefer Charmin as they’re softer and thicker. Maybe Costco realizes that some of their customers are reluctant to switch because of this and they’ve now come out with a “softer and thicker than ever!”Ā Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue!

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Costco 1

Since they made that claim, we decided to buy a pack and try them out.

Well, from our very non-scientific and very subjective opinion, the tissues are thicker but we feel that Charmin is still softer. Feel free to disagree šŸ™‚

But, I think we’re ok with the compromise and may continue to purchase this tissueĀ from now on. It is cheaper and we won’t have to wait for an instant rebate to purchase it.

There are 30 rolls in a pack with 231 sheets/roll and 866.2 sq feet total.

Sheets are 4.5″ x 4″ wide.

TheĀ Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue is price at $14.99.

Unit price is 1.7 cents/sq foot (Charmin is currently 2.4 cents/sq ft without rebate, and 2.2 cents/sq ft with rebate).

Item number 692961.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Costco 2

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue on the right, Charmin on the left:

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Costco 4


You can kinda see that the Kirkland tissueĀ on the right is thicker as the dark countertop is not as visible…

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Costco 5Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue Costco 3

  • Alejandro

    Thank you for posting this. I was wondering how good this version is compared to the old one. I, like you, prefer Charmin and if it is not as soft as Charmin then I will take a pass until it is strong and soft. I hope they have a new version of their paper towels because even since they changed them from the strong big towels to the thinner select-a-size, I have been sticking with Bounty.

    • Olli

      hi Alejandro,
      In our opinion, the new tissue is thicker than Charmin but Charmin is still slightly softer. I think we’ve been using the Kirkland tissue for over a month now and are happy with it. We really didn’t like the original Kirkland tissue (too thin and flimsy) so we never made the switch from Charmin. But with this new version, the transition has been easy and I think we’ll continue buying the new Kirkland tissue from now one. There’s even a $3 rebate for it this month so we bought another pack. Gotta save where we can since food prices have gone up so much.

      • Alejandro

        I agree with what you said on the tissues. I am just saying once they can make it as soft as Charmin I will have no problems switching over.

        My complaint is how flimsy the paper towels became. Before they changed them to the “New & Improved” version they were thick and big towels, now they are flimsy and I had to switch back to Bounty.

  • Sara

    Thanks for this helpful review. Have they stopped selling the older version (item 585578) at your Costco? I understand the new version is better, but I’d probably still prefer the old version for the quantity.

    • Olli

      hi Sara,
      No, the older version is still available šŸ™‚

      • Sara

        Thanks, Olli!

  • Annie24

    Do they have more than one Kirkland version? I bought a pack and the graphics are slightly different. It says “Premium Softness & Thickness” but it does not say “Ultra Soft.” The one I bought is very thin, almost as thin as the horrid Scott tissues. I am returning it.

    • Olli

      hi Annie,
      They had this UltraSoft version for a while but it seems to have been discontinued. Only the regular Kirkland bath tissue is available now. We don’t like the regular version either so we’re now back to buying Charmin.