Feit Electric LED 4 Ft Tubes

You can now replace all your 4′ fluorescent tubes with these new LED 4 Ft Tubes!

LED 4 Ft Tubes Costco 1

There’s no rewiring needed and you can continue to use the existing fixture as is. I think that’s pretty remarkable, don’t you?

Features of the LED tubes:

– 17 Watts

– 1700 lumens output

– lasts up to 45 years or 50,000 hours

– 4100 K (cool white) color temperature

Generally, the regular 4′ fluorescent tubes use 40 Watts and provide about 2000-3000┬álumens of light output. So these LED tubes use much less energy but their light output is slightly less as well.

The LED 4 Ft Tubes are available in a 2-pack and are priced at $36.99.

Unit price is $18.495 per LED tube.

Item number 937743.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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