Little Hotties Hand Warmers

These Little Hotties Hand Warmers will come in handy when you’ve to spend time outdoors in the winter.

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A few years ago, we were in London in December and went to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in the evening. It was awesome of course, but it was outdoors and it was cold.

We were really grateful that we brought along these hand warmers and they did a great job keeping our hands warm.

Since then, we always pack a few of these in our suitcases whenever we travel in the fall or winter season.

Basically, there’s a pair in each individual packet. You open it, shake it, then place it in your jacket pocket or gloves. It takes a little while but they will soon get toasty.

They generally last for about 8 hours.

The Little Hotties Hand Warmers is available in a 40-pack and is priced at $14.99. 

I think they generally cost about $1 each at Target so it’s much cheaper to buy them in bulk.

Item number 759175.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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