Michielan Gelato and Sorbet

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Has anyone tried this Michielan Gelato or Sorbet? The container states it’s made by the Michielan family from a small parlor near Venice so it’s Made in Italy.

Michielan Pistachio Gelato Costco

There are 3 flavors available – pistachio gelato, lemon sorbet and mango sorbet.

I’m curious to know if this is good…maybe we’ll have to buy a box and try it ourselves!

The Michielan Gelato and Sorbet are available in a 2.2-lb container and priced at $9.99.

Item numbers are 705507 for the Pistachio Gelato, 767951 for the Lemon Sorbet and 767961 for the Mango Sorbet.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Michielan Pistachio Gelato Costco Michielan Pistachio Gelato Costco Michielan Lemon Sorbet Costco Michielan Mango Sorbet Costco Michielan Mango Sorbet Costco

  • David Scott

    Actually, it’s incredible. It’s only 36 cal per serving and it tastes amazing! We just found the lemon on clearance for $2.97 per 2.2 pound box, and we got six of them. I hope I can find the stuff after Cosco stops carrying it

    • Olli

      hi David,
      What a deal! We’ve only tried the Michielan Pistachio Gelato so far and it’s great. http://costcocouple.com/michielan-pistachio-gelato/

      Found the Michielan mango sorbet today priced at $6.97 at our store. The $2.97 you found can’t be beat!

  • partna

    This is the best ice cream. Haven’t seen it recently in Costco.