Newton Chaise Sofa

UPDATE 07/03/14: Spotted the Pulaski Newton Chaise Sofa Bed in the store. It now has a new item number so we’ve made a new post for it. Check the newer post for more info and photos. It is still priced at $599.99. Item number 843242.

Pulaski Newton Chaise Sofa Bed Costco 1

UPDATE 01/15/14: The popular Newton Chaise Sofa by Pulaski Furniture is available once again. This time, the chaise seat is on the right side when facing the sofa. When Costco offered this sofa previously in July 2013, the chaise was on the left side when facing the sofa. That version is NOT available in January 2014. Other features appear to be the same. Price is still $599.99. Item number 590133.

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PUBLISHED 07/07/13: The Newton Chaise Sofa has 2 extra features that transforms it from just a regular chaise to one pretty cool one.

Newton Chaise Sofa Costco

First, you get a pull-out bed from the sofa.

Second, the chaise seat is actually a storage seat so it opens and you can store magazines or blankets in it.

So you get a sofa, storage and a pull-out bed from this one chaise sofa! Talk about multi-tasking….

Here are some of the other listed features:

  • 100% Polyester Fabric, durable and easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 88.9″ L x 64.9″ D x 37.9″ H
  • Comes in 2 boxes
  • Made in China

The Newton Chaise Sofa is priced at $599.99.

Item# is 590133.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

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Newton Chaise Sofa CostcoNewton Chaise Sofa Costco Newton Chaise Sofa Costco