Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts

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I stumbled upon these Othera Shoe Inserts while walking through the Pharmacy area at Costco. They were randomly placed near Epsom Salt, Chap Stick and other non-related items.

Nevertheless, it caught my eye. Maybe it was the bright green color 😉

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts Costco

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts Costco

Anyway, Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts markets itself as “biomechanically engineered to keep you running faster, walking longer, and living free of pain”.

They are made with a 5 layer composite design, soft enough to cushion joints but yet firm enough to keep the feet and body in alignment.

They’re developed and made in San Diego, California (bonus points to them!).

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts are designed by podiatrists to:

  • help relieve heel pain
  • help prevent injuries e.g. sprained ankle
  • support fallen arches
  • help control overpronation

They come in a 2 pack, one pair of the Othera Dress and one pair of the Othera Active/Sport. The 2-pack is priced at $19.97.

They come in different sizes too, covering women’s size from 6.5 to 12.5+ and men’s sizes from 5.5 to 13.

Now, I’ve 2 pairs of Superfeet inserts which are great but they’re also “super” expensive, about $35 to $40 a pair. I think these Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts may be similar to Superfeet but there’s no way to know without actually testing them out.

I remove my Superfeet inserts from one shoe to another because I like wearing shoes with them. They really help support your feet. It would be nice to have another pair.

I wonder if the Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts are just as effective as Superfeet? I may buy one to find out. It’d be great to be able to support another Made in USA product (My Superfeet were made in South Korea).

Have you tried Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts before? Do you like them? Please let us know.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts Costco

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts Costco

Othera Orthotic Shoe Inserts Costco



  • Global Foodie

    Hi. For those of your readers that cant find our orthotics we are now selling thru AMAZON PRIME.
    Thanks for giving us a try.