ZipFizz Combo Pack

ZipFizz is an energy drink mix in powder form so it’s an alternative to Red Bull and 5-hour Energy. The powder mix is contained in a tube and you just add it to about

Costco is closed on Monday 09/05/16 for Labor Day

Costco will be closed tomorrow, Monday 09/05/16, for Labor Day so get all your groceries before then! We’re going on a 2-week vacation so unfortunately, there won’t be any posts until we get back. Have

Innocor Versamat

Have a comfortable surface to lounge on whenever you need one with the Innocor Versamat. It’s made with premium foam and is perfect for lounging, sleeping and camping. The mat comes with a soft

Arnott’s Tim Tam Cookies

Get a taste of Australia with Arnott’s Tim Tam Cookies. Tim Tams are iconic in Australia (kinda like our Oreos) and I first had it when I was there years ago. It’s a cookie for

Kirkland Signature Cashew Pistachio Nut Crisp

Have a better snack with the Kirkland Signature Cashew Pistachio Nut Crisp. A bag contains a delicious combination of roasted cashews, pistachios, apples, cranberries and blueberries with a tangy lemon glaze. Unsulfured fruit. No

Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap

We’re almost out of plastic food wrap so we checked out what Costco has to offer. One of the options available is the Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap. It’s available in a 2-pack with

Gift Card Dry Creek Grill

Get discounted gift cards for Dry Creek Grill at Costco. This one’s for bay area residents only as Dry Creek Grill is located in Willow Glen, CA. Dry Creek Grill serves steaks, smoked BBQ, burgers, and

Haunted Gargoyle

Scare the Halloween trick-or-treates with this Haunted Gargoyle! It does look pretty menacing and has motion-activated sensors which set off lights and scary sounds when activated. The Haunted Gargoyle is priced at $89.99. Item number 738003.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is  a good set for those that still work on a regular PC. The set includes a full size keyboard and a wireless mouse. Features include: –

Costco September 2016 Coupon Book 09/01/16 to 09/25/16

Costco’s September 2016 Coupon Book is here! Can you believe we’re heading into September already? Time sure flew by this year. Anyway, at first glance, this coupon book doesn’t offer many rebates that we