Natural Fitness Yoga Mat and Sling Strap

Do you need a new yoga mat? The Natural Fitness Yoga Mat and Sling Strap is currently available in the store. The yoga mat is 6 mm thick and measures 24″  x 69″. It

Traeger Century Wood Pellet Grill

With the Traeger Century Wood Pellet Grill, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ, and enjoy cooking food with the flavor of hardwoods. The barrel shape of Traeger’s grill help to circulate

Totum Outdoor Patio Propane Heater

The Totum Outdoor Patio Propane Heater uses radiant heating technology to warm the area, and it’s able to warm a larger area than the conventional top down patio heaters. Features: – 36000 BTU – Hidden

Coast To Coast Callie Hall Bench

This Coast To Coast Callie Hall Bench may be called a bench but I think it can easily function as a coffee table as well. Features: – Bonded leather seat upholstery with nail head

KitchenAid Ice-Cream Attachment

This KitchenAid Ice-Cream Attachment is a great option for those who already own a KitchenAid stand mixer. You can make ice-cream, sorbet, sherbet, and more with it. The attachment fits all KitchenAid stand mixers.

KitchenAid Juicer Attachment

If you own a  KitchenAid mixer, there are currently at least 2 KitchenAid mixer attachments at Costco that might be of interest to you. One is the KitchenAid Juicer Attachment. The attachment attaches to

Travelers Choice 24-Inch Trunk Duffel

Do you like to travel with duffel bags but wish they were sturdier or had more structure? Then check out the Travelers Choice 24-Inch Trunk Duffel. This is a hardside duffel with a tough

Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuum

The Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum has been available at Costco since last year. Now it looks like it may have been replaced with the Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuum. The Shop-Vac vacuum has more capacity, 8

Universal Furniture Waverly Accent Wedge Table

The Universal Furniture Waverly Accent Wedge Table looks very similar to the Universal Furniture Velo Wedge Tables that were spotted at Costco about 1.5 years ago. The width of the table is narrower (10.5″ )

Yellow Chrysanthemums

Yellow Chrysanthemums were once again spotted in the store.  They may have been brought in for the Chinese New Year season (?). Only yellow ones are offered this time. Previously, there were other colors