Bactrack Keychain Alcohol Detector

We all know we shouldn’t drink and drive so this Bactrack Keychain Alcohol Detector is a great tool to have. It is capable of estimating alcohol level in our breath. Since it’s a keychain, we can keep

Tenex Planet-Saver Chairmat

There’s now a Tenex Planet-Saver Chairmat that is designed for all hard floors. It is also  more earth-friendly as it contains 33% recycled material which was otherwise destined for landfills. It will protect your floor from

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 24-Pack

Did you hear about the businessman who was charged $127 for 3 bottles of San Pellegrino at the Wellesley Hotel in London? And they were only 500 mL bottles! Costco does not have the

Libbey 16-Piece Craft Brew Set

You can have your own Oktoberfest party with the Libbey 16-Piece Craft Brew Set. This would make a great gift for those who love beer as well. The set consists of the following 16

Casio Digital Keyboard WK-240

The Casio Digital Keyboard WK-240 is a versatile, full-featured keyboard with 76 keys. It appears to be very similar to last year’s model, which was WK-220. This keyboard features: 76 piano-style keys 600 tones

Tiger 10-cup Rice Cooker

Here comes a rice cooker that’s even more expensive than the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. But the Tiger 10-cup Rice Cooker is larger, and thus more ideal for a larger family or dinner party. This

Schlage Lock Company Touchscreen Deadbolt

Ditch the key and enter your front door using a 4 digit code with the Schlage Lock Company Touchscreen Deadbolt. It is a modern, high-tech deadbolt and handle.  It offers the convenience and security of

Tramontina Skillet Set

The Tramontina Skillet Set can be useful in any kitchen. We have it in ours as well. The largest one is the 12-inch, and it can be used for stir-fries. The middle one is

Sunter Natural Daylight Vanity Makeup Mirror

The Sunter Natural Daylight Vanity Makeup Mirror has shown up in the store again, with a new packaging design. The features appear to be very similar to last year’s model though… – Dual 1X/10X magnification –

Kirkland Signature Cashew-Almond Nut and Fruit Crisp

Need a healthier snack for after school or while at the office? Check out the Kirkland Signature Cashew-Almond Nut and Fruit Crisp, which combines roasted nuts and dried fruits. This mix can be used