Le Creuset Cookware

We spotted the Le Creuset 6.5 Qt Deep Round Dutch Oven at Costco recently. It’s a beautiful piece and the size is right for many recipes. But if you already own a 6.5 Qt

Oxo 5-Piece Kitchen Brush and Scrub Set

Easily scrub pots, pand and dishes with the Oxo 5-Piece Kitchen Brush and Scrub Set. This set includes the following items: Soap-dispensing dish brush dish brush refill Soap-dispnesing dish scrub dish scrub refill bottle

Champion Ladies’ Crewneck Sweatshirt

The Champion Ladies’ Crewneck Sweatshirt is available in white, black, navy and grey. The grey version has a Champion repeating logo pattern all over the sweatshirt. The other colors have a raised Champion logo

Costco In-Warehouse and Online Hot Buys

Costco has released a set of  In-Warehouse and Online Hot Buys for the holidays. Most of the items have rebates that are valid from 12/13/19 to 12/24/19. The Hot Buys are not clearly advertised

Large Holiday Planter

These lovely Large Holiday Planters were available at Costco this past weekend. They’re so pretty and festive and I think they’ll make a great gift for the host or hostess of a holiday party.

Vitamix Venturist V1200

A new Vitamix, the Venturist V1200 has appeared at Costco. It was listed as a “Special Event” so it may not be available at all stores yet. The Venturist V1200 has a 2.2 peak

Monte Pollino Organic Fettuccine

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Monte Pollino Organic Fettuccine in the store this past weekend. I don’t think Costco offered it last year. Each bag contains 40 oz of organic fettuccine nests

Champion Polarized Sunglasses

The Champion Polarized Sunglasses feature polarized lenses that effectively eliminate 99.99% of reflected glare. It appears the lenses have a 6-layer coating starting with a scratch-resistant hard coat, and followed by a 100% UV

Yamaha TSR-7850 AV Receiver

The 7.2-channel Yamaha TSR-7850 AV Receiver comes with built-in wifi and bluetooth. It has dual HDMI outputs, and 5 inputs. It supports transmission of 4K video at 60 frames/second pass-through. It also supports HDR

Town and Country Paramount Memory Foam Bath Mat

The Town and Country Paramount Memory Foam Bath Mat features a plush fabric top that’s available in a few different colors. The middle layer is foam that’s infused with charcoal and gel which fights