Perfect Fitness Cooling Towels – Discount ends 07/05/13

We made an impulse purchase at Costco yesterday. As soon as we walked into Costco, we saw the Perfect Fitness Cooling Towels on display and thought, “Oh, we could use that!”. Maybe it was the heat….

Perfect Cooling Towel Costco

Anyway, we bought the towels and we’re happy with the purchase.

You soak the towel in cold water, wring it out and then place it around your neck or on your head. It’s supposed to stay cool for hours so it’s great for hot weather….like right now! It’s also great for golfers.

The towel itself is about 16″ x 26″ and is long enough to wrap around your neck. The material is very soft. It feels like the lint-free cloth you use to clean the screen prior to installing a screen protector.

Some features of the towel include:

  • Stays cool for hours
  • UPF 45 sun protection
  • Wicks moisture
  • Soft when dry
  • Machine washable

Perfect Cooling Towel Costco


It comes in a pack of 2 and is normally priced at $17.99.

There’s currently an unadvertised $4 instant rebate, reducing the price to $13.99.

The instant rebate is good till 07/05/13While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

The towel is a great gift for golfers, gardeners or anyone who spends a great deal of time under the hot sun.

Update: We brought the towel along during a bike ride today and it felt great to have the cool towel around our necks after a hot and sweaty ride!

Perfect Cooling Towel Costco


The towel folded in half…

Perfect Cooling Towel Costco   Perfect Cooling Towel Costco