Philips Viva Airfryer

The Philips Viva Airfryer features its Rapid Air Technology which uses fast circulating heat to “fry” food with little or no oil.

Philips Airfryer Costco

The patented starfish design in the bottom of the Airfryer circulates the air 360 degrees and reflect i tupwards, so that the food will cook evenly and is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

There’s a temperature control knob at the top to adjust the temperature from 180F to 390 F.

The knob in the center is a timer, to set cooking time from 0 to 30 minutes.

A double layer rack is included in the box.

I think this is an older version of the Philips Airfryer and thus, it’s cheaper. Costco also has a more expensive Philips Digital Airfryer available online.

As the name suggests, the newer version has a digital touchscreen interface and a 60 minute timer. It is also double the price of the Philips Viva Airfryer.

The Philips Viva Airfryer is priced at $99.99.

Item number 1242988.

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