Pregra Premium Turf

With the drought we’re currently facing in California, it’s hard not to wonder if we should get rid of our lawn or replace it with something like the Pregra Premium Turf.

Pregra Premium Turf Costco 3

With Pregra, you can have green grass without water, and there’s no mowing, edging, or fertilizers required.

Pregra is made with 100% Polyethylene blades which are lead free. They are suitable for children and pet play areas, gardens, patios, etc.

Their 4 color blade system provide a realistic grass look from afar.

Made in USA.

Pregra Premium Turf is available in a roll of 7.5′ x 12.5′ (93.75 square feet) and is priced at $347.99.

Unit price is $3.71/sq ft.

Item number 329795.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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