Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional

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The Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional feature 2 end power recliners and an armless power recliner in the middle seat for a total of 3 power recliners.

Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 7

It features pocket coil seat cushions for superior support, comfort and shape. The padded backs, arms and sides also offer extended comfort.

With its modular design, you can configure it in one of 3 ways so the dimensions vary depending on how you arrange the sectional:

– Configuration#1: 119.5″ L x 119.5″ W x 40″ H

– Configuration#2: 89″ L x 150″ W x 40″ H

– Configuration#3: 150″L x 89″ W x 40″ H

Packaged in 5 boxes.

Made in China.

The Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional is priced at $1299.99.

Item number 726598.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 8Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 1Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 2Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 4Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 5Pulaski Springfield Power Reclining Sectional Costco 6

  • Fe-Diddy

    I love the furniture season @ Costco; so many nice pieces, wish I could buy new furniture every year . I also find it neat how just about everyone in the store sits down and admires all the different sofas/chairs @ Costco lol.

    • Dennis Blair

      Any body know how I can purchase one of these if my local costco is out….missed it by 3 days?

  • Elena Clausen

    Does anyone happen to know if this sectional needs to be plugged in for the recliners to operate?

    • Dan

      Yes, they do. each recliner has a plug.

      • Bill

        I got two plugs and one extension cable.

        • Dawn McGee

          Bill can you please tell me what kind of power supplies and extension cable, our unit is missing these. Thank you

          • Bill

            Unique to this recliner with non-standard connections. each box should have opened with a long yellow streamer attached to a power cord assembly. one cord goes from the recliner into the DC box. The DC box lets the store put batteries in for their showcase. a second cord goes from the box to your outlet. So each recliner should have two cords. One of the recliners comes with an extension cord, but we did not need to use that one. Total of 7 cords in the five boxes. This company has a VERY LAX quality control process. Love the sectional, but I would not do it over again. 5 trips to Costco to get one complete set, and even now we have one piece that is significantly colored different than the rest.

    • D H

      Not technically but the electric recline function is nearly useless w/o having pulgged into AC vs DC

  • catherine

    purchased this yesterday, love it so comfortable and everyone has a seat. was going to go cheaper but it was so worth the extra 500.00

    • Bill

      just bought it. Is the armless chair supposed to have connecting metal pegs like the rest of the pieces? The end piece recliner has receptacles but without pegs from the armless chair, the end recliner is free standing and tips over.

      • D H

        The two non powered units have zipper pouches under them with the floor pegs

  • Beverly

    I just bought this at Costco. One power cord was missing and the armless non motion piece was missing brackets. Costco gave us the missing power cord and a new armless piece, but the braclets on it were terribly bent and the feet would not touch the floor., plus the color/pattern did not match the other sections at all. On top of that, there is a hole where the stuffing is coming out, and there were no directions. This Pulaski sofa does not stand up to the quality that COstco notmally demands. We have no less than 9 hours invested and six trips to Costco. Do NOT buy this couch.

  • D H

    We purchased this sectional and have been using for 1 week…so far so good. One of the (heavy) reclining units plastic floor protector things was broken so that took some extra time taking back to Costco to exchange.

    Noticed that you can put 2x 9v battery, then batteries will very slowly operate motor for recline function; but I believe you have to first ug in the unit to the AC wall outlet first, then unplug, use only battery option.

    The two non powered/non reclining sections have included pegs that screw into the respective unit.

    Macy’s has a very similar piece probably nicer/more durable fabric but was on sale for $500 more/$1799.

  • Derekwh

    We are looking for a straight sofa and liked the way this looks, would it be feasible to use it without the corner piece? How do the sections connect to each other?

  • todd

    does anyone know if the sections have connectors that can keep them together?

  • stu

    I purchased the floor model, when I got home the cords were missing that plug into the three recliners. After dealing with the managers for a week, they ordered the cords and finally arrived today, three weeks had gone by. The package only had two cords and they look nothing like the ends that are on the recliners. The guys at Costco can’t give me any info that works. Great.
    I see in the discussion some of you talk about a DC box, and some don’t, another item that I didn’t receive. Is this box needed? Here are some of my questions and thoughts, please help
    >Is an adapter and DC box required, or can you go direct to 120V AC current, basically plug it into the wall?
    >Is the special end on the cords from the three recliner pieces only shaped that way for the DC box for show room operation with batteries?
    >If an adapter isn’t needed to convert the voltage down, I will just cut their end off and install a different one that I can then plug into the 120V AC outlet and quit chasing Costco.

  • Tom

    We bought this couch on New Years Eve. By the middle of February all 3 power units for the recliners had failed. We took a two week vacation in there, so the couch literally lasted for 1 month before all three recliners became inoperable.

    Costco said we can return the couch, but that is two trips with the truck.

    We like the couch, but the power supplies are junk, make me wonder how the rest will last.

    The power supplies do work with batteries, two 9 volt. But as others have said the motors are then very slow.

    The power supply puts out 27 volts, two nine volts wired in series is 18 volts which partially explains the slow down in speed.

  • Heisar

    I bought this sectional from a liquidation store that sells items Costco doesn’t want anymore. I bought it new still in boxes at a discount knowing that it was there because of a shipping error. I have two end recliners that go on the right side as you face the couch. I want to trade if someone has an extra left end recliner.