Rodopa Bulgarian Feta

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So the other day when we purchased the Valbreso French Sheep Milk Feta, we also spotted the Rodopa Bulgarian Feta nearby.

Rodopa Bulgarian Feta Costco 1

I’m not sure if this is always available at Costco or just something they brought in during the holidays.

Anyway, this is also feta cheese that’s made from 100% sheep’s milk.

Maybe we’ll try this once we’re finished with the Valbreso. I wish Costco would carry Greek Feta too. Has anyone tried the Rodopa Feta before?

Product of Bulgaria.

The Rodopa Bulgarian Feta is priced at $7.39 for 32 oz.

Unit price is $3.695/lb.

Item number 549608.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Rodopa Bulgarian Feta Costco 3Rodopa Bulgarian Feta Costco 4Rodopa Bulgarian Feta Costco 2

  • fethiye

    That is the best feta you can get. Have been using for years. Only some Costco carry them.

    • Olli

      Thanks for your feedback! I guess we’ll have to try it. Have you had the Valbreso? If so, how does it compare to Rodopa e.g. creamier, saltier, crumblier, etc.?

      • fethiye

        way better than Valbreso, I think.

      • alexdifeo

        Rodopa is a very low quality cheese, its impossible to sell real sheeps milk feta, made from 100% milk, at that price, Bulgarian “feta” is well known to be full of milk powders, cows milk blends, and milk proteins. If you like the taste, thats another thing, but don’t confuse it with a real feta cheese. (source, I’m a food chemist specializing in dairy products, and I know what milk costs per kg in Bulgaria)