SAF Instant yeast – Costco vs Amazon

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If you bake a lot of bread, then you should know that 1 lb of SAF instant yeast costs only $2.59 at Costco!!

On Amazon, the same 1lb (16oz) of SAF instant yeast costs $6.82! At Safeway, a 4oz jar of Fleischmann yeast costs $6.69!

SAF instant yeast at Costco

SAF instant yeast at Costco


1 lb SAF Instant Yeast on Amazon:




Let’s compare costs:

1 pound of SAF instant yeast at Costco is $2.59

1 pound of SAF instant yeast on Amazon is $6.82

Conclusion: YES, Costco is cheaper! Costco is 62% cheaper than Amazon for 1 lb for SAF instant yeast.


Fleischmann Yeast at Safeway:

Fleischmann Yeast Safeway

Fleischmann Yeast Safeway


  • DanialThom

    sigh. I couldn’t find it. Must have walked a mile.

    • Olli

      hi Danial,
      Sorry to hear that. Costco can be frustrating that way. Next time, call up your store and ask if they have the item number (e.g. 614919 for the SAF yeast) prior to heading out. It can save you some time…

  • Thomas Walker

    Was this item spotted at a regular Costco, or a Costco Business Center? Because I see all kinds of things in the background that I have only seen at business centers.