Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho

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Spotted the Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho at Costco.

Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Costco 2

There are so many great Pho restaurants in the bay area that we’ve never had the need to try these instant pho bowls.

It looks like you microwave these bowls for 3 minutes and they’re ready to eat.

There are six 2.1 oz packages in a box.

Product of Vietnam.

The Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho is priced at $7.79.

Unit price is 61.8 cents/oz.

Item number 739567.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Costco 4Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Costco 5Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Costco 3Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Costco 1

  • Brooke Procell

    I bought these and tried one recently! It was delicious, but the serving is small. They’re low in calories, so I plan to use them to bring to work as a light lunch.

  • Jody Hathaway-Bode

    I really like these bowls. My only complaint is the flavor oil packet has some sort of fish oil like you get in a gross fish oil pill. Not anchovy like traditional fish sauce from what I can tell. Just leave it out if you do not like a very strong fish oil taste.