Solar Pathway Lights

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Costco is carrying 2 types of solar pathway lights at our local store. Both come in a set of 8. One is by Paradise and priced at $29.99 while the other is by HGTV and priced at $49.99.

The HGTV ones are clearly “heftier” and made of die-cast aluminum and stainless steel. I didn’t check to see what the Paradise one was made of but it didn’t seem as sturdy as the HGTV option.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Solar pathway lights Costco

Solar pathway lights Costco Solar pathway lights Costco

Solar pathway lights Costco

Solar pathway lights Costco

  • Daniel

    We have purchased 5 boxes for the HGTV-labled lights and have placed 3 boxes in already. 3 lights so far fail to turn on at dark. Unscrewing the light which just takes a second, flipping it over and turning the switch off and on again immediately lights it up. Generally the next night, the problem remains, but not always.

    The lights come with a plastic pointed stake that you are supposed to push into the ground, then place the aluminum stake/pole over that. Our land is too hard and rocky and I easily broke one of the plastic stakes. Instead, I am hammering a metal stake to make my hole, and then gently hammering the aluminum stake/pole into that hole. It’s a lot more secure and also lets you put them closer to the ground.

    Otherwise – we really like the lights and the way they look and the light put off. We bought one extra box to have for future replacement needs, if any. With a current $10 off, they’re only $5 for each light.

    • olli

      hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your troubles with those lights!

      We didn’t buy this particular solar light but did get another one that Costco was carrying. It was a motion-activated solar flood light. It was easy to install and provides a nice bright light. Not sure if Costco is carrying that particular item everywhere though. We got it for $30.

    • Daniel

      Well I’ve had 2 more of the lights fail to turn on at night now. So at this point, we’ve had 5 bad lights out of 5 boxes and we haven’t even opened one box and have about 1/2 of another box yet unused. Turning the switch off/on makes them all nice and bright for the night, but the next night, they don’t come on again. Will post again if we have more fail.

      • olli

        hi Daniel,

        Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s helpful to others considering the purchase.

        Costco has a great return policy so here’s an idea. Why don’t you put the 5 bad lights (together with 3 good ones) and return 1 box and get another box? Costco is still carrying these lights in the store. There’s no need to be stuck with the bad lights!

      • Mildred Hanaoka

        I also bought HGTV HOME 8 piece Solar Pathway Lights from COSTCO. I was disappointed that 2 of them don’t go on but the other 6 give nice bright light & are very decorative. It would be nice if I could return these 2 that didn’t work at all & get replacements. I assume that you can’t do that w/COSTCO.

  • Michael Schantz

    I also bought the HGTV solar lights. I also broke one of the plastic stakes. I was replacing old plastic housing solar lights and was able to use the plastic stake from them. These lights leave a nice light pattern on our walkway. Got them for $40 at costco, $10 instant savings. Overall very happy with the solar lights.

    • olli

      hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comment. Those darn weak plastic stakes! We have hard clay soil so haven’t bothered with these lights in a while. But they do cast a nice light at night. Wish they can make those stakes stronger and sturdier. But I guess that would mean an increase in cost and price.

  • Daniel

    If you need more stakes (we didn’t use any of ours since they break easy), you can get them from the “Need Ground Stakes? Click Here!” link on the manufacturer’s website front page. They obviously know they have a problem! Here’s the link:

    • Rachael T

      So glad to see this! We purchased these lights too. They’re fabulous – except for the stakes! The third one broke today, after being in the ground for less than a month. I’ve now ordered new ones, and I really hope they’re better this time around.

  • greatsouthbay

    Five stars for Alpan. I bought a pack of the “heftier” lights. They illuminate beautifully. And customer service was prompt when we snapped the plastic stakes by hitting it with a car door.

    • Olli

      That’s great to know! Thanks to you and Daniel for the info.

  • metafirma

    Thanks for the info re replacement stakes. It’s hard to believe HGTV much less Costco would put their name on something so flimsy – a matchstick would be as good; look at them crossways and they snap off. Very disappointed in the fact they continue selling them with such a piece of crap stake and so many customers having the same breakage experience. I doubt they could have found a chintzier stake for a real nice solar pathway light… even if they had paid extra for them!!!

  • jason

    we just got these lights as well, any thoughts on whether the top solar panel is waterproof? I assume it is, since it is outdoor use, just curious since they are near the plants

    • Olli

      hi Jason,
      These solar lights are meant to be outdoors so they should be fine near plants, sprinklers, etc.

  • Tonia

    We bought these lights and thankfully no stakes have broken. I live in Arizona and the lights get LOTS of sunlight during the day. Two go out each night quickly and the rest all fizz out before midnight. Very disappointed in the lights not maintaining a charge until the wee hours of the morning. By 10pm each night two, if not more are shut off. Its pretty pathetic, four hours tops for light.

    • netdragon

      Get AmazonBasic 8 pack of AA NIMh 2000mAh batteries

  • netdragon

    If you are putting the lights in areas that have sunny then rainy days, or other issues where you’d need more reserves, or they are just shutting off partway through the night, I recommend getting AmazonBasic 8 pack of AA NIMh 2000mAh batteries and swap ’em out. Then use the ones that came with it on your kids toys or something. It’ll give you a lot longer of light at night. It isn’t guaranteed to give you light throughout the night, such as it can’t make up for it just being in too much shade, but it’ll usually help even out things between sunny and less sunny days. Other than that, they’ve worked great other than the stakes being really easy to snap. On one of them, even a full year of wind snapped the stakes.