Sonicare Healthy White HX6733/90 – Costco vs Amazon

Since we’re considering purchasing the Sonicare HX6733/90 currently on sale at Costco, I decided to see how much this model is selling for at Amazon.

The answer is a lot more! As you can see below, the Sonicare HX6733/90 is listed at $161.50 on Amazon.

sonicare hx6733 Amazon


With the instant rebate, it’s priced at $119.99 at Costco ($149.99 before the $30 rebate).

Sonicare hx6733 Costco



1) With the instant rebate, the Sonicare Healthy White Platinum Edition model#HX6733/90 is about 26% cheaper at Costco!

2) Without the instant rebate, Costco is still about 7% cheaper than Amazon!

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.