Christmas Archive

Bruno’s Panettone

A 2nd Panettone was spotted at Costco! In addition to the Madi Gran Panettone, there’s now this Bruno’s Panettone. We’ve tried Madi Gran Panettone before so we’ll be purchasing

GE 12-Feet Pre-lit LED Christmas Tree

A 3rd GE Prelit LED Christmas Tree is now available and this one is the largest of the three. It’s 12 feet tall! Just like the other 2 smaller

Burgoyne Christmas Cards

It turns out there is a second set of Burgoyne Christmas Cards available in Costco. Unlike the first set of cards which are handmade, these cards are of a

The Elf On The Shelf Plush Elf and Advent Activity Set

UPDATE 09/15/14: Spotted The Elf On The Shelf Plush Elf and Advent Activity Set back in the store, priced at $11.99. Item number 789056.   PUBLISHED 11/03/13: The Elf On

60-Inch LED Prelit Decorated Wreath

If you’re looking for a large wreath that makes a statement, this is it. This 60-Inch LED Prelit Decorated Wreath is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The wreath is

Philips 60-Inch Grapevine Moose

You can have a moose in your front yard this holiday season with the Philips 60-Inch Grapevine Moose. It’s 5 feet tall with steady illuminating LED lights. There are

Tom Smith Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are part of the British tradition. We Americans can join in the fun too with these Tom Smith Christmas Crackers. Each cracker is beautifully wrapped and contains

Holiday Cloche

“Cloche” (French for “bell”) can refer to a variety of bell-shaped objects. The Holiday Cloche at Costco is a bell-shaped glass jar containing a holiday scene. There are three (3) different

15 Piece Gift Box Assortment

Need boxes for your holiday gifts? Here’s a 15 Piece Gift Box Assortment set, available in 2 designs. One is a more traditional while the other is a more

Advent Calendar Wooden Rocking Horse

Count down the days till Christmas with the Advent Calendar Wooden Rocking Horse. It’s a decorative Rocking Horse with a large, easy-to-see calendar, and ornaments that are hung for each