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Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

We often see other Costco shoppers with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in their carts. Since there’s currently an instant savings for this item, we picked up a pack this week

Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3

A blood test in January indicated that my Vitamin D levels were below normal. So I picked up a bottle of the Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3 and started taking

Propel Zero

Propel Zero is also a “nutrient enhanced water beverage” but there’s 0 calories in each bottle. It’s available in a 24-pack with 16.9 oz bottles in the following flavors:

Glaceau Vitamin Water

There’s an instant savings for Glaceau Vitamin Water in July’s coupon book. Vitamin Water is a “nutrient enhanced water beverage”. It is available in a 20-pack of 20 oz

Glade Plug-In Scented Oils

We’ve seen the commercial for Glade Plug-In Scented Oils many times on TV but have never bought it. For some reason or other, I have this memory from college

Honey Nut Cheerios – Is Costco Cheaper?

There’s an instant savings for Honey Nut Cherrios in July’s coupon book and you should take advantage of the discount if you haven’t already done so. Here’s why… Honey

High Sierra Elite Business Backpack

Those of us who travel a lot should check out this High Sierra Elite Business Backpack.  It’s not strictly for business travelers, since many people travel with a laptop or

Chevron Supreme Motor Oil

The Chevron Supreme Motor Oil is available in three SAE grades: 5W-30, 10W-40 and 10W-30. They are all priced the same. A box of 12 1-quart bottles is priced

Rubbermaid 30-Piece Food Storage Set

The Rubbermaid 30-Piece Food Storage Set consists of 15 actual containers and 15 lids. The set comes with: – 4 with 0.5 cups capacity – 3 with 1.25 cups

Folgers Instant Coffee

Folgers Instant Coffee allows you to have coffee instantly. All you need is to add hot water although hot milk will probably make it taste better. Folgers Instant Coffee