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Cyclamen 8-Pack

Almost sad to see these Cyclamen plants in the store yesterday. I guess summer’s really gone and winter’s almost here. The usual Cyclamen colors are available – red, pink

Garden Mums Assorted Pack

The large pots of garden mums are still available but additional smaller Garden Mums were also available this week.  These are maybe 1 or 2 gallon in size? You

Hardy Fall Mums

Here comes the Hardy Fall Mums! Costco offers these mums every year without fail. It’s early September and the plants are not in full bloom yet. But there’s tons

Edible Peppers Plant

Edible Peppers Plants are currently available in the store. There’s quite a few varieties available: – Hot Banana – Hot Burrito – Orange Snack Pepper – Hot Salsa –

Phalaenopsis Double Spike Orchid

These lovely Phalaenopsis Double Spike Orchids are currently available at Costco. I think they’ve been around for 2 weeks now? There were quite a few different varieties available with

Bromeliad in Decorative Wood Pot

I was talking to my mom and she asked if there were any new plants at Costco. I said no but later I realized that wasn’t true. Costco has

Beautiful Sunflowers and Stargazer Lilies

Ran into these gorgeous sunflowers and stargazer lilies at Costco. The sweet fragrance of the stargazer lilies filled the area! And the sunflowers are just one of the many

Succulent Garden

Costco continues to bring in the plants this year, even in mid-July. Right now, there’re these beautiful succulent arrangements planted in a galvanized container with many different varieties. Succulents

Rose bush

Costco is carrying 3 gallon rose bushes at the store. There are various varieties and some of the ones we saw were Intrepid Red, Redgold, Chrysler Imperial and Mister

Patio rose tree

While at Costco, we saw various people with rose plants in their carts so we decided to venture over to the “plants” department to check them out. Costco is