Seiko Archive

Seiko Kinetic Blue Dial Watch

The Seiko Kinetic Blue Dial Watch uses Seiko’s unique Kinetic movement.  This is a quartz movement, with a rechargeable battery powered by the movement of your arm. This example

Seiko Coutura Automatic Skeleton Face

The Seiko Coutura Automatic Skeleton Face Watch is another in the line of the stylish Coutura family. This one is automatic, so no battery needed, powered by the movement

Seiko Ladies Coutura Diamond-Accented Watch

The Seiko Ladies Coutura Diamond-Accented Watch has a stainless steel band with white ceramic center links. Other features include: Round case, 31mm, white ceramic bezel Mother-of-pearl dial face with

Seiko Solar Power Dial Watch

The Seiko Solar Power Dial Watch has a great-looking combo of stainless steel band and a gorgeous blue face with silver accents. It has the convenience of solar power, plus

Seiko Automatic Skeleton Watch

The Seiko Automatic Skeleton Watch is an automatic, so no batteries needed.  Just wearing the watch keeps it working. This is a skeleton type, with the inner workings partly exposed

Seiko Solar Diver Watch

The Seiko Solar Diver Watch is a solar-powered watch, which is great for a diver’s watch.  You get the accuracy of a quartz watch, but don’t need to change a

Seiko Kinetic Men’s Black Dial Watch

Costco is carrying this nice-looking Seiko Kinetic Black Dial Watch. The Kinetic class of movement is like a hybrid of a quartz and an automatic movement. The watch is

Seiko Solar Black Dial Watch

Costco has this Seiko Solar Black Dial Watch.  It appears to be Seiko’s model SNE215. The watch is simple and elegant.  Solar-powered as the name implies.  Has a date function,

Seiko Ladies Crystal Bezel Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko makes lovely women’s watches as well as men’s. Costco currently has this one on display. Some of its features from what we can tell are: crystal bezel stainless

Seiko Solar Chronograph Compass Watch

Here’s another gorgeous Seiko Solar Chronograph watch at Costco, this time with brown or tan leather strap. It would make a great gift, whether for Father’s Day, birthday, etc.