Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet

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If you want to replace your toilet, we spotted 2 options in the store right now. One is the Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet.

Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet Costco 1

Some of its features include:

– 2-Piece construction

– Elongated bowl

– ADA height of 17″ rim height

– Dual Flush (1.1 gallon and 1.6 gallon) with chrome top push button

– 3″ Flush Valve

– HET/Watersense certified

– Soft close toilet seat included

– Wax ring, braided hose, floor bolts and bolt caps included

Toilets are not permanent items at Costco. They appear from time to time so if you want it, get it while it’s available!

The Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet is priced at $84.99.

Item number 533515.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet Costco 5 Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet Costco 3 Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet Costco 2 Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet Costco 4

  • I bought two recently. I replaced the old toilet in my master bath with the Water Ridge and we love it!

    • Mike

      Two here also . So far they work perfectly.

  • Ian Peterson

    There’s not a lot of information online about this toilet. I went ahead a bought one anyway a few weeks ago and got around to installing it a few days ago.

    Installation will be a bit rough if you’ve never installed a toilet before, as the included instructions are not very descriptive nor are they helpful. Just watch a few instruction videos on Youtube before going ahead and installing this toilet. The instructions for bolting the toilet to the closet flange aren’t very clear; use this image as a guide: http://i.imgur.com/lLWNowt.jpg MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE TOILET TO THE FLANGE. If you do, you can crack the porcelain and ruin the toilet.

    The toilet works great. It has yet to clog up from solid waste. However, you may need to flush twice if you tend to use more toilet tissue than the average person. The 1.1 gallon flush (for liquid waste) is very brief, you may notice the water is still slightly discolored after flushing. To combat this, hold the button down for an extra half second for additional water.

    I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Hopefully this review can help someone else who’s on the fence about buying this toilet. For ~$90, you can’t beat it!

  • darcy roberts

    I bought and installed this toilet from costco. I am a remodeling contractor. I have installed dozens of toilets of numerous brands. I have found [the hard way] that this toilet plugs up very easy. I cant think of a toilet that I have owned that has been worse actually. One of these days when I get the extra money I will replace it. Why live with the constant frustration.
    Mr. Roberts
    Jefferson State [soon hopefully]