Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball – Costco vs Target

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Earlier this month, we spotted the 29.5″ Official Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball in the store (just in time for March Madness?).

We spotted the Wilson basketball at Target as well though the packaging was slightly different than the one at Costco.

The basketball is priced at $29.99 at Target.

29.5" Official Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball Target

The 29.5″ Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is priced at $19.99 at Costco. 

Item number 458753.

Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball Costco 1Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball Costco 4

Is the basketball cheaper at Costco? Yes, it is.

Costco is 33% cheaper than Target for the 29.5″ Official Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball.

This is not a permanent item at Costco so you have to get it while it’s available.

  • JJWashington

    It looks like the packaging is not the only difference.

    If you look closely at the Costco version, below “Replica Game Ball”, the lettering reads ” —Moisture Absorbing Cover—” followed by the bar code.

    Those seem to be missing from the Target version. Also, the Target ball seems to more of a bright orange color, even accounting for the differences in lighting.

    Anyways, thanks for all your hard work and efforts. Every time I take a photo of even one product at a store, I feel like a criminal — so you guys must have guts of steel to do the work for this site!

  • Brooke (and Posie)

    Interesting! Thanks for doing the legwork. I couldn’t care less about moisture absorbing or the different shade of orange!