Adidas Women’s Socks

We noticed an unadvertised discount for the Adidas Women’s Socks this week. They available in a 6-pack with a “Low Cut” or “No Show” option.

Adidas Socks Costco

I’ve bought this before and they’re really comfortable socks. They’ve also held up well despite countless washing.

TheĀ Adidas Women’s Socks are normally priced at $12.99 which is about $2.20/pair and already a good price.

But with the extra $2 instant rebate, the price is now only $10.99 or $1.83/pair which is a great price!

I purchased another pack in the Low Cut option because I could get all 6 pairs in black.

Adidas Socks Costco

If you need socks, do take advantage of the extra savings. It’s available till 08/04/13.

Item numbers are 470585 for the Adidas Low Cut and 588819 for the Adidas No-Show socks.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Adidas Socks Costco Adidas Socks Costco Adidas Socks Costco