Airborne Chewable Tablets

Besides the Effervescent Tablets, Airborne now has 2 additional products on the market. One of them is this Airborne Chewable Tablets which have the added benefit of not needing any water.

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You do need 4 chewable tablets to get the same 1000 mg of Vitamin C that’s found in 1 Airborne Effervescent Tablet.

The tablets also contain Vitamins A & E, Zinc, Selenium, herbal blend including Echinacea and Ginger, etc.

There are 2 flavors available: Citrus and Berry.

One bottle contains 116 tablets. If one serving size is 4 tablets, then one bottle contains 29 servings.

The Airborne Chewable Tablets are normally priced at $16.49.

There’s a $3 instant rebate in the December Coupon Book which reduces the price to $13.49.

Unit price is 11.6 cents/tablet or 46.5 cents/serving.

Discount is valid from 11/21/13 to 12/15/13.

Item number 929505.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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