Big Dyson discount

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum or are looking to buy a Dyson vacuum, you should check them out at Costco right now.

There’s a $100 instant rebate for the Dyson DC40 Animal Ball Bagless Upright Vacuum bringing the price down from $489.99 to $389.99. The rebate is good till 03/31/2013.

Dyson DC40

I was curious as to how much Amazon is selling this vacuum.  A quick search and I’m not sure if the Amazon DC40 is the same as the Costco DC40. The DC40 at Amazon is selling for $485.00

Amazon Dyson DC40


It looks like maybe the Amazon DC41 is more similar to the Costco DC40? Since the DC41 mentions that it’s “Animal” Bagless technology. This one is listed at $545.99.

So either way, with the rebate, it’s a great deal for the Dyson vacuum at Costco.

Amazon Dyson DC41


There’s also a $70 instant rebate for the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum with Mini Turbine. The regular price is $389.99 so with the rebate the price is now down to $299.99. This rebate is good till 02/28/2013.

Dyson DC33


This model the DC33 is listed at $329.99 on Amazon so with the rebate, the price at Costco is the better deal.

Amazon Dyson DC33