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The Dark Knight BluRay Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are arguably the best Batman movies we’ve seen. If you’re a fan, then you may want to own The

Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray/DVD

Iron Man Fans!! Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray/DVDs are now available at Costco and with an instant rebate! There are 2 types available: 1) Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray + DVD +

American Girl Doll and Book Set

The American Girl Doll and Book Set consists of a 6″ mini doll and girls can read all about her adventures in the book series. The package includes: – 6″

Lego Brickmaster Building Bricks and Book

Read, Build, Play – That’s the concept of the Lego Brickmaster Building Bricks and Book. The set includes a book with story and building instructions as well as all

The Hunger Games Trilogy

This hardcover set of The Hunger Games Trilogy is now available at Costco. The movie was entertaining, we’re looking forwards to parts 2 and 3… The Hunger Games Trilogy is

Cooking Light Cook Books

The Cooking Light Cook Books are now available at Costco. We saw at least 3 types: 1) Way to Cook 2) Way to Bake 3) Way to Cook Vegetarian

Totally Dinosaurs Book

Totally Dinosaurs is really more than just a book. It not only includes a 32-page book, but it also has 24 fun fact cards, a 20″ x 16″ poster

Dollar origami book by Won Park – Costco vs Amazon

Costco has great deals on books as well… This one caught my eye as I walked by the book aisle the other day. It’s a Dollar Origami book by