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Kenneth Cole Large Zip Around Wallet

I think Costco carries so much stuff that sometimes it doesn’t even know where to place them. This Kenneth Cole Large Zip Around Wallet was actually in the household

Perfect Fitness Cooling Towels – Discount ends 07/05/13

We made an impulse purchase at Costco yesterday. As soon as we walked into Costco, we saw the Perfect Fitness Cooling Towels on display and thought, “Oh, we could

DUO No Slip Clothes Hangers

UPDATE 01/15/14: Spotted the $2 instant rebate for these DUO No Slip Clothes Hangers again. Price is $7.99 till 01/26/14. Item number 738876. These are nice hangers and prevent clothes

Coach Sunglasses

UPDATE 08/21/13: You may be able to find these at the Costco Optical department as well, which is located right by the entrance or exit, depending on the layout

Kirkland Golf Polo Shirts

Costco has these great golf polo shirts in a variety of colors. Made from a performance wicking fabric, these minimize sweat buildup. We’ve bought a handful of these over